“The living voice is that which sways the soul"

Pliny the Younger (61-105 A.D.)

Joe Van Riper’s voice has been swaying listeners for many years, exhorting the virtues of everything from musical toilet tissue dispensers to global defense systems. This earned him the nickname: "Mr. Voiceover". Or, simply, "MrVO". 

He has taken you on dozens of tours through magnificent old mansions on A&E’s award winning series, “America’s Castles”.

You’ve listened to him as you toured presidential libraries, famous museums, and dozens of university campuses.

He lives in your radio and TV, explaining the wonders of hundreds of commercial products. He is even (literally) the voice of God for many recorded children’s bible stories.

Joe Van Riper is a voice for hire, located in beautiful Charlotte, NC where he has spent most of his professional career.  Voice acting and audio production have been his full time business for over 40 years.

When you have something that not only has to be said, but must also be heard, it’s time to call Joe.

Joe Van Riper Voice Demos

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