If you have a question about ISDN, this is the place to get most of your answers. You'll also find instructions on how to get ISDN, and lists of hundreds of recording studios and private production facilities across the US that are ISDN equipped.

Looking for an alternative to ISDN? The front runner in that race is Source Connect, an internet-based IP.
<> Another promising system, developed for the BBC andusing Google Chrome browser software, is ipDTL. <>

Got a script with names or words you've never seen before, and don't know how to pronounce? These are the guys...
<> Use this one for word pronunciation.
<> Use this one for name pronunciation.

 Like to talk shop and hang out with other voices in a virtual social club? Join <> and subscribe to some of the industry discussion groups, such as "VO Professionals" and "Working Voiceover Talents" to name but two. You might also check out: <>

Are you certifiable? ...As a professional voice actor, that is? Here is an organization dedicated to establishing specific criteria and supplying information to support quality industry professionals.


Here are some good starting points whenever you're looking for anything "audio":

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