August 2007 issue

Late Breaking News

This month's newsletter is quite a bit later than usual. Like, about a week late! Irene and I have been in the throes of moving our home from PA back to the Charlotte area in NC, where we lived until a couple of years ago.

For the last few weeks, if it didn't come in a cardboard box, it didn't get any attention. I've just taken a few minutes today to knock out a quick issue so you won't think I've stopped doing these monthly ramblings.

Thanks to the manyfolks who've asked if they would keep getting them. You will... at least as time allows.

But for this month.... this is about all I can do.

Job of the Month!

OK, so I don't really remember if I did this in July or August so maybe I should call it "Job of A Month"! But it was pretty cool.

The folks at Mattel have used me for several of their action hero products over the pasts few years. Lots of Batman stuff back when the Caped Crusader shifted from "camp" to "dark.

This time, they had me setting up the whole gang for a 2008 roll-out of DC comics goodies targeted towards kid's yearnings and parents wallets. Check out the video....

Downsize This...

Ahhh, the dreams of the "Empty Nester"...

The kids will take all the junk they've accumulated through their childhoods with them as they leave home. At last, you and your spouse will be able to move into a smaller place. Life will be simpler. Life will be good.

Life is what happens whle you're dreaming up fantasies like that!

The reality is that the kids just walk away from their childhoods, expecting you to hang onto the stuff for them to claim "someday".

And that smaller house? ...Two words: NO ROOM!

Stay tuned for more to come.

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