July 2007 Issue

This Month's Featured Client:

I've been working as a promo announcer at QVC for several months now, and wanted to salute them before I leave the area. And, no, I don't go on-camera and extoll the virtues of various products while a graphic counts down the remaining sales time and the amount of product sold! I have to respect the folks who do that. It's a very tough job. Just volunteer for a public broadcasting fund raising telethon sometime... The seconds crawl by like hours. I don't know how they do it day after day.

Nope... I remain the never-seen "booth announcer", cranking out promos and teases for upcoming featured sale items. It is all pre-recorded.. one of the few parts of their broadcasts that is canned, done in hour-long sessions in the QVC audio suite.

It is a huge facility, with a gigantic staff that behaves more like a family than a crew. It's a strange mixture of high-tech and old familiar technologies, It was a happy coincidence that I lived within a few minutes drive from the studios, since nothing is imported by FTP or ISDN at this time. That may happen in the near future and when it does, I hope I can get back in the routine. It's a good company to work for, and unique in the industry... an innovater that has broken new ground in media use. This is one of the things I'll miss on my return to NC.

If you ever find yourselves in the Philly area, near West Chester, PA, it's worth a side trip to drop in and tour one of the most massive broadcast facilities I've ever seen. QVC ... The original, and still the best!


Back to NC!!

Well, last month I reported that we had bought a house on a golf course near our old home in Charlotte. OK. The deal fell through!
So, how about THIS house... also on a golf course... in the Huntersville area just North of Charlotte? Our bid was accepted, but I've learned not to count my chickens. We haven't closed yet.

If all goes well, Fred and Ethel, our two little Westies, will be happy.
Instead of walking on a leash around an apartment compound, they'll have a nice big fenced backyard. And Irene and I will begin getting back into the Southern groove of things.



The CAT's Growl

You'll be hearing commercials for Caterpillar small business products over the next couple of years, and the voice may sound familiar. I've become the voice (or growl) of the CAT for a line of tractors, loaders, and other equipment designed for small, independent companies.

They boast features previously found only on the big CATs... like air-conditioned cabs...but at prices more suited to their size. Spots run in the US and Canada for now, with possible inclusion of Europe and the internet in the future. It's a heck of a gig!


Great Scotts!!

Another national credit for MrVO... This time it's literally a grass roots effort! I've recorded a series of spots for Scotts, promoting their Turf-Builder and other products that will be coming out in the Fall.

And I'll not only be talking about it on radio and TV, but I'll be using it on my lawn. I've been a solid Scotts customer for more then five years now.

Beyond the BlueVerizon

Lemme state right off that I am a happy Verizon customer, with just one exception. That exception is with their customer service system for non-wireless accounts.

I have had both regular land-line telephone service and ISDN lines with Verizon for the past two years, and have gotten good service from both. But whenever there was something I did't understand about a bill (like why it suddenly doubled when there was no abnormal useage) things got ugly.

There is no office you can go to for hard-wired account information. You have to contact them by telephone. And they have an automated voice mail system that would make the Marquis de Sade quiver with envy!

If you ever get a live human, they will tell you that you've reached the wrong department and will transfer you to another 12-layer-deep automation system, or (on two occasions) I was transferred to some poor guy who was designing circuits and didn't know beans about billing!

Thank goodness I'll be dealing with Bell South soon!


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