March 2008

It's EZ 2 B Green!!

Happy St. Patrick's Day to you. This is the 1,547th year of this celebration, dating from the death of Ireland's Patron Saint, Patrick, in AD 461. As a boy, Patrick was taken into slavery by Irish raiders and spent six years of isolation in captivity. After escaping, he left Ireland to study religion in Gaul.

He felt his mission was to return to Ireland and convert the mostly pagan inhabitants to Christianity. He used the shamrock as a teaching tool, showing how three separate entities (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) could exist as one unified whole. His use of familiar pagan symbols to teach Christianity led to the creation of the Celtic cross... a crucifix with a sun on it.

I'm not sure exactly how beer came to be such an important part of the occasion but on the 17th of March, it has to be green!

Here's the drill...

Creativity generally means thinking outside the box. The trick is to know how far outside the box you can go without weirding-out your audience.

A man who loves to push that envelope is Bruce Upchurch of Zone Radio Imaging, for whom I voice programs showcasing his station jingles. I always look forward to working with Bruce because I know it's going to be something really different!

This last job certainly was "out there". Presenting a jingle package based on a "Fresh" sound, Bruce naturally equated "fresh" with "dental work"!?!

Not only that, but the most memorable dental work he could recall was a scene from the movie, "Marathon Man".


Client of the Month

A few years ago I got an e-mail from a fellow named Eric Loy of "Marketing Matters" asking if I could quote a rate on some work for Eastern Carolna Universiy. We soon found ourselves trading scripts and audio files as I became the promotional voice for the ECU Pirates, in all three major sports seasons: Football, basketball, and baseball.

Over the years the relationship has expanded to include commercial projects beyond the ECU campus, such as the local Ford dealer in Greenville, NC. This is the sort of business relationship I truly cherish.

Eric and I haven't met and would never be able to recognize each other if we wound up at the same party. But The voice on the phone and the e-mails from the Eastern shore of NC are as familiar to me as those of an old friend.

Go Pirates!!


Irish Factoid

There are about 34.7 million Irish in the US.

That's about nine times the population of Ireland!



Spring Is Springing Up

Which means we'll soon be sprucing up around the house. Here's a couple of timely suggestions.

If you haven't given your lawn a good dose of pre-emergant herbicide to kill the crab grass before it germinates, it's almost too late. DO IT NOW!!

Get your air conditioning system checked now, before the real heat starts cranking up. July is no time to lose your cool!

And maybe you should let the wife be in charge of indoor projects, and hubby control the outdoor projects.


Talking a good game...

They've got me (of all people) voicing spots for the PGA's line of apparel! I can't play golf and I'm certainly no "clothes horse." But maybe that's the point... check out this spot.

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