logoFor those unfamliar with voiceover recording, a "punch-in" is the term used to describe the act of making an on-the-fly correction to a narration. When the voice talent makes a mistake, the engineer may go back a couple of sentences and play the recording while the talent reads at the same time. At an appropriate place before the error was recorded the engineer punches the "record" button, creating an instant edit, replacing the misread portion with the live voice of the talent.

These newsletters are Joe's "punch-ins" to avoid the mistake of not staying in touch! Most are just chatty little mini-blogs covering almost anything from world events to recipes, with just a touch of shameless self-promotion included. Mostly, they are meant to entertain and inform. If you would like to get a copy sent to your email whenever Joe gets around to publishing a new one, just click this link and let us know.


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