Two Tin Cans and a String

A long, long time ago, in a world where analog was king, a boy dreamed of owning his very own recording studio. But it would've cost millions!

Today, anybody with enough money to buy a high-mileage used car can build a pretty good digital studio in a spare bedroom.

Still, having the right stuff, and knowing how to use it, marks the dividing line between the hobbiest and the pro. Here's what Joe Van Riper uses to work as a pro:

Studio System
MacPro Tower computer (dual core)
Avid/Digidesign MBox II Pro audio interface

Digital: Roland VM 3100 Pro
Analog: Behringer XENYX1204FX

Neumann U-87 (circa 1972)
Senheiser MKH 416 P48
Shure SM-57
Apogee MiC

Mic Pre-Amps
Joe Meek

Pro Tools software (with Source Connect Plug-In )
Twisted Wave

Phone Patch Options
Gentner Digital Hybrid I
Google+ Hangout

Studio Monitors
Tannoy "Reveal" (near field)
Meda O-N-E 3a (lo-fi mix referrence)

Headphone Monitors
Sony MCR-7506 Professonal
Sony MDR-V600 Dynamic

Joe Van Riper Voice Demos

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