Checked several times a day, depending the session schedule, this is one of the best ways to reach Joe quickly.


Or, you can try calling him. His iPhone is always with him, and only gets turned off when in a session. But he doesn't always remember to turn it off.


If you are going to dial Joe's ISDN codec (a Telos Zephyr X-Stream), don't bother! Most telephone companies don't want to deal with it any longer and are trying (successfully) to make it go away! Verizon in the NE stopped selling new circuits and servicing old ones in 2013, and AT&T simply chose to keep jacking the cost higher and higher to get customers to quit. However, if you want to connect with Joe through Source Connect (more info on this in; "Answers", to the right.) His handle is:

"MRVO" (...of course!)


Joe Van Riper Voice Demos

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