How It’s Done

Recording your script with Joe is a simple path of a few steps. There are a couple of ways to get started:
1- MrVO studio recording, either by phone patch or self-directed.
2- Live, remote recording with Source Connect.

Studio recordings done in the MrVO studio are generally delivered by a download link via the Internet. Aiff, Wave, or MP3 formats are standard options.

Phone patch: You direct the session by telephone,  Zoom,  Skype, or Google+ Hangout connection. Recording is done at the MrVO studio and sent as either voice-only, or fully produced audio files, in the format of your choice. Full production, licensed music, sound effects and studio time are not included in the base talent fee. Voice-only recordings have no other charges than the base talent fee

Source Connect: We establish a real-time digital audio connection with the MrVO studio from a Source Connect equipped studio in your area. The audio is recorded at your end of the connection. This type of remote recording was originally done using ISDN, which is being phased out by the major telecoms.

…Joe can also work at your choice of locations. Daily minimum rates, travel, accommodations, meals and incidental expenses may apply. Call for details. All MrVO rates are highly competitive. Broadcast projects are billed for use in 13-week increments. A one year buy-out equals 3 cycles.