The Varied Voices of Joe

We all speak with different voices. A lot depends on the location. How you speak at a ball game is different from a funeral. You don’t explain a warm, happy feeling with the same voice that you use if you get fired! There are countless different voices from which to choose for a narration. Here are just a few that Joe can offer.

The “general” voice demo shows a variety of styles and ranges in Joe’s repertoire.

Car dealers, sports arenas, aggressive retailers and more love the “hard sell“!

Employee orientation, sales presentations and other “long-format” scripts require skill and experience to keep the message interesting and the audience awake.

The late Don LaFontaine created a whole new category of delivery voicing “movie trailers“. Just think of; “In a World…”

Of course we’ve all become accustomed to election year “political” ads. Personally, I prefer to voice the ones that tell me why I should for for someone rather than why I should not.

And then there’s the just plain “weird” stuff… like a demo for a new radio jingle package called PBJ.

You want the guy next door? A mad scientist? Cab driver? Redneck Goober? I’m sure I’ve got one in me somewhere!

Just ask me.